• Special considerations for top tier summer programs, competitions, and exclusive internships.

  • Ability to learn from and network with some of the nation's top senior executives and entrepreneurs.

  • Connect with our Alumni Network, who attend the nation’s top schools and are happy to give you mentorship and/or college admissions advice.

  • Build lifelong friendships and expand your personal and social network to like-minded kids across the city.

  • Exclusive invitations to a variety of events.

  • Opportunities to expand knowledge of a wide variety of topics.

  • Volunteering outlets and opportunities to give back to the community through programs such as the High Returns initiative.


  • Attend at least two economic forums and at least one external event (including High Returns) throughout the year.

  • Be engaged year-round and contribute to the events that you attend.

  • Take advantage of the opportunities we work hard to give our members.

  • Achieve something meaningful over the summer or in your free time, whether through club sponsored opportunities or elsewhere. Many of our members are already starting their own businesses or taking action to pursue their passions.

  • Pay attention to our newsletters to keep yourself informed of new opportunities and updates.

  • Respond promptly to any organization outreach.

Members who fail to meet attendance requirements may be given a warning, and if behavior continues, removed from the club.