Alumni Network

The JEC is committed to supporting its members by connecting them with great opportunities even after High School. To accomplish this goal, we have started the “Alumni Network.” Here, you will find a list of former JEC members that have gone off to do wonderful things. 

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Charles Kotrba
Vanderbilt University

Samir Hadzic
Columbia University

Philip Veber
Vanderbilt University

Ayo Idowu
University of Chicago

Samuel Lurye
Stanford University

Afrasiab Mian
Northwestern University

Maggie Browdy
University of Pennsylvania

Michael Mills
Brown University

Bailey Street
University of Chicago

Robert Lindland
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Joseph Reinisch
University of Pennsylvania

Molly Norris
University of Michigan

Miro Ehrfeld
Georgetown University

Tara Campbell
Yale University

Luke Chandra
University of Michigan

Nick Xu
Harvard University