Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Junior Economic Club a nonprofit or for-profit organization?

The Junior Economic Club is a registered, tax-exempt nonprofit organization with full 501(c)(3) status.

Does it cost money to participate in the Club - is there a membership fee?

No, membership in the club is completely free.

How selective is the Club?

Acceptance rate varies from year to year, but remains selective. Applicants should demonstrate engagement, leadership, curiosity, and a drive to make an impact in their community. You can learn more under our Admissions tab.

Is the club affiliated with the ECC?

The Economic Club of Chicago was an inspiration in the founding of the Junior Economic Club. Our forums have their roots in the ECC's galas centered around fostering debate, discussion, and meaningful connections. We strive to create a similar culture that stimulates and encourages leadership. Still, the ECC has no controlling interest and we are an entirely independent, unaffiliated entity that instead focuses on providing these opportunities to ambitious high school students.

What kinds of events does the Club host?

Our hallmark events are our forums, which feature distinguished keynote speakers with careers in business, economics, finance, and entrepreneurship. Members have the opportunity to pose questions to these speakers, brainstorm new ideas and innovations, and connect with leading figures of Chicago’s business world and other members from across the city.

In addition to these quarterly forums, the Club hosts weekly seminars that offer exclusive insight into a variety of sectors. You may learn more on our past events page.

What kinds of opportunities does the Club give to its members?

We serve first and foremost as a platform of discussion for the world's most determined and ambitious high school students. Membership also opens the door to an invaluable set of connections with motivated students and leading figures in the world's business, economics, finance, and entrepreneurship sectors. We also offer exclusive access to a number of programs and internships, in addition to the events described above.

Do you have to be enrolled in an economics course at your high school to become a member?

No, many members are not enrolled in economics courses at their high school. While it is necessary for business, economics, finance, and/or entrepreneurship to be a passion of every applicant, a course is not required, and not having taken one does not reflect negatively on an applicant.

How is leadership structured?

Each chapter has a President, Vice President, and a team of board members. A small selective group of these individuals manage the national organization.