Partners and Sponsors

Our Corporate Sponsor

We are grateful for our sponsorship and partnership with Magnetar Capital, which has contributed a significant portion of the funds necessary for our Board of Directors to provide members with high-quality programming.

Our Partners

We believe that partnerships with other organizations are essential to bringing about positive change. We are proud to have worked with the following institutions to improve our members' experience and amplify our impact.

Chicago Public Schools partners with us in several capacities, including, but not limited to, the following: promotion of financial education, development of school websites, and assistance with school investment clubs.

The Council for Economic Education partners with us to foster an interest in economics and personal finance among high school students.

Encode Club partners with us to promote high school education in blockchain, cryptocurrency, and cybersecurity.

The Financial Services Pipeline Initiative, sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank, allowed members to attend their Annual Intern Career Conference and has assisted in the development of our Diversity and Inclusion Program.

FitMoney partners with us to provide a variety of accessible financial literacy materials to help students become more involved in their finances.

The Henry George School of Social Science’s mission is to educate the public on the intellectual legacy of Henry George, and they provided members with exclusive internship opportunities.

Junior Achievement has helped us develop a financial education curriculum for our High Returns financial education initiative and organize several career panels for members.

KidsCapital partners with us to combat the lack of financial literacy through interactive programs aiming to help students around the world.

One Prudential Plaza has provided venue space for many of our events, and offered organizational advice.

Quest provides serviced office solutions, from full time office space to virtual offices, co-working space, and meeting rooms, and has helped us find spaces for events.

Rapunzl Investments has helped us organize investment strategy-focused workshops for members.

TechNexus Venture Collaborative has generously donated venue spaces for our forums and seminars.

The Becker Friedman Institute for Research in Economics has held events with members to help them gain a better understanding of current economic issues.

TiE Young Entrepreneurs partners with us to foster the next generation of leaders by guiding members through the transformative experience of building a startup and helping them learn essential business and leadership skills.

2112 Chicago is one of our longtime supporters, providing a venue for many of our events and workshops.

The UIC Center for Economic Education partners with us to establish and improve K-12 financial education-focused programming.

Varfaj Partners has pledged to invest in member entrepreneurs and help them develop their own businesses.

Financial Executives International has assisted us in our fundraising efforts, connected us to several distinguished guest speakers, and invited members to networking events.

One-Time Sponsors

Brown University

Gardner Rich & Co.

Frontenac Company

Labriola Chicago

Imprint Genius

Northern Trust Corporation


Stan's Donuts and Coffee Chicago

Turnaround Management Association

Wright Auction

One-Time Partners

Collegiate Scholars Program (UChicago)

Chicago Summer Business Institute

Sidekick Education

The City of Chicago Office of the Treasury