The Cosmetic Entrepreneur A conversation with Mr. Shinji Yamasaki (Tokyo)

Saturday, January 29, 2022
6:50 pm
8:00 pm

A native of Tokyo, Japan, Shinji Yamasaki obtained an overseas education with a Marketing Degree from Bentley College in Boston (now known as Bentley University) and thereafter a Masters in International Business from London Metropolitan University. After a few years working in the major cities of New York, London and Tokyo, in the fields of finance, insurance and medical devices, Shinji joined his family business, Veritas Ltd, in 201, which owns several distributorships for international health and beauty brands. He now serves as a board member and Director of Business Development.

In 2017, Shinji started RE:ERTH skincare, together with two partners in Singapore. Additionally, he is the President and Managing Director of Turmeron International, owner of Turmeron Joint, a natural supplement for joint health. While differing in application and purpose, both products have the common use of Shiro-Ukon, also known as the Japanese White Turmeric.